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[title size=”2″]Accessibility Statement[/title]
Interested persons can obtain information as to the existence and location of services,activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by disabled persons by contacting the SECTION 504 COORDINATOR/ADA COORDINATOR, 1209 Harrison, Goodland, Kansas 67735 (7858903641).

[title size=”2″]Student Support Services[/title]
The Student Services staff along with administration and instructors at NorthwestKansas Technical College is always open to any student who desires to visit regarding personal problems, progress in individual program of study, or any other area. It is the college’s desire to help students witproblems, which might arise during their stay at the Northwest Tech.  Please come in to visit with us anytime.  We are available to assist you and ensure your success as a student.
  •  Student Success Seminar
    All new students at Northwest Tech are required to enroll in a one credit hour Student Success Seminar course. This course orients students to Northwest Tech and college life. Students are instructed in study skills, reading skills, interpersonal skills, financial management, healthy behaviors, proper technology use, organization and time management. Students also learn about the student support services available at the college.
  • Academic Support
    Northwest Tech is committed to student success. Academic support services,including tutoring, are available at the Max Jones library. The Student Success Seminar teaches key concepts for academic and personal success in college to all incoming students. 
  • Accommodations, Adjustments, or Aids to Students with Disabilities
    Northwest Tech is committed to serving all students and does not discriminate. Students needing accommodations may request them from the Dean of Students. 

Northwest Kansas Technical College provides and coordinates services tstudents with disabilities in order to accommodate their disability and promote equal access to educational opportunities.  Information regarding accommodations for students with disabilities is available from the Section 504 Coordinator/ADA Coordinator/TitleVI Coordinator, Dean of Studentswho is located in the Administration Building at 1209 Harrison, Goodland, Kansas 67735 (7858903641). Accommodations are provided on an individual, as needed basis after the student requests assistance.Students requesting assistance are encouraged to complete an intake interview with the 504 Coordinator.

It is the responsibility of the student requesting the accommodation to have current documentation from an appropriate diagnostician (e.g., physician, psychologist, or past educational organization) regarding the nature of his or her disability and the need for any requested academic adjustment or auxiliary aids.  If a student does not request an accommodation, Northwest Tech is not obligated to provide one.

Upon receiving a request for assistance, the Coordinator will respond by granting or denying the request of assistance after meeting with the student to discuss the request, and the student’s history and experiences and after reviewing the documentation provided by the student.  The college may request a separate evaluation at the college’s expense.

Upon granting the request, the Section 504 Coordinator will:

  • Prepare a written document, signed by the 504 Coordinator and student,which specifically lists the request(s) and how the college will provide the accommodations, adjustment, or aid to the student with the disability.
  • Forward a written notice of specific accommodations and adjustments to the faculty who teach the student. Any questions regarding these instructions will be directed to the 504 Coordinator.
Upon denial of the request, the Section 504 Coordinator will:
  • Prepare a written document explaining the reason(s) of the denied request and forwarding that recommendation to the college president for a final decision by the president within 10 college days.
  • Meet with the student to inform him/her of the President’s decision and give a copy of the abovementioned document to the student.
  • Explain to the student that if he/she do not agree with the president’s decision, the option to appeal is available by following the Student Discrimination Action Procedure beginning with step 6. 
i. Vocational Rehabilitation 
Many states provide services for students with disabilities. Services may include career counseling, financial assistance, tutoring and personal counseling. 

[title size=”2″]Accessing Student Support Services[/title]

To simplify the student experience, students may contact Brenda ChatfieldVice President for Academic and Student Services, at brenda.chatfield@nwktc.edu or (785) 890-1514. He will direct you to the proper student services support personnel.