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Distance Learning at Northwest Tech

Is distance learning right for you?

At Northwest Tech, we want you to be successful. Awareness of your personal learning style and study habits can make the difference in whether you are able to succeed as a distance-learning student. The Distance Learning Assessment can help you determine whether distance learning at Northwest Tech is right for you.

The short assessment will ask questions about your understanding of distance learning. Your score will provide feedback on the traits of successful distance learning students.

How distance learning works at Northwest Tech

Northwest Tech uses a student information system, Empower, and a learning management system, Moodle. Courses may be offered using Moodle. They may or may not be self-paced courses. In those, which are not self-paced, you will need to diligently meet scheduled dates for projects and assessments that must be completed during specific time periods throughout the semester.

To complete an online course you’ll need access to the Internet. If you travel or use different computers (at home, at work, or on the road), each computer used will need to be configured properly or you’ll have difficulty completing your course assignments. Final exams are proctored, and you will be responsible for paying the resulting fees. Your instructor must approve of your proctor in advance of any examination. You will need to contact your instructor to complete this process.

An online course is available at the beginning of the semester to orient new students to distance learning at Northwest Tech.

Accessing Student Support Services

To simplify the student experience, students may contact Brenda Chatfield, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Student Affairs, or 785.890.1514. She will direct you to the proper student services support personnel.

Academic advising is available to online students via email or phone. Students also have access to counseling services, financial aid assistance and admissions support.

Technology Support

The technology department at Northwest Tech is available from 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Students may also submit a request through e-mail at it-dept@nwktc.edu.

Required Equipment & Services

For most online classes a student will need a reliable computer with an adequate high-speed or broadband Internet connection.

If you are taking Mobile Applications & Entertainment Development online courses you will need an Apple computer as the software that is used will only run correctly on the Apple platform. For more information visit the Mobile App web page.


If you have decided distance learning at Northwest Tech is right for you, apply now! The course list and admissions information is available at the following link: Admissions at Northwest Tech