Northwest Tech Tuition Remains Unchanged

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Northwest Tech Tuition Remains Unchanged

Goodland, KS. (05/23/2018) – For the third year in a row, Northwest Tech’s administrative team has decided to keep tuition flat and avoid raising the cost of education on their students. There were a variety of reasons for the decision, but the overarching goal was the desire to keep the cost of education affordable for their students. The flat rate tuition for the 2018-2019 year will continue to remain at $8,300 per year.

“We are incredibly efficient at the college and are among the most fiscally healthy higher education institutions in the state,” said President Ben Schears “it’s important for us to keep education as affordable as we can for our students.”

The college instituted a flat rate tuition model several years ago, which aids in both accounting and transparency in billing and also allows for students to take more credit hours if they desired, without incurring additional charges. While they acknowledge there will inevitably be a time where they’ll have to adjust rates, they are pleased to be able to keep tuition unchanged for the upcoming school year.

Northwest Tech not only touts some of the highest graduation and student success rates in the nation, coming in at #18 among 899 publicly funded 2-year colleges, but also incredibly low student loan debts among graduates at an average of around $7,000. “This allows our students to enter the workforce without a massive load of student loan debt,” said Schears “This means they can buy homes and start families sooner.”